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The best eyelid cleansing products on Earth.

Optometrist made 😘 

Vegan. Cruelty, gluten & paraben free.

Totally non-toxic.

Just all natural ingredients.

Dirty eyes never lie, xo.

Use this for bleph, MGD

& DES symptoms.

Use this for everyday

eye makeup removal.

Cleansing oil + Eyelid foaming cleanser

Eye makeup remover oil + Eyelid foaming cleanser

We know that tea tree oil is awesomely effective

for controlling demodex and bacteria.


Your patients deserve the very best. They want honest, natural

products for their body & home. Their eyes are no exception. 

30 Night Trial, Free Returns

If you don’t love your We Love Eyes, we’ll take it back & give you a full refund. Pinky swear.

After SLE, recommend We Love Eyes to all patients that wear makeup or have blepharitis, MGD, DES symptoms.

Healthy for your patients. Healthy for your practice.

Buy We Love Eyes through our wholesale portal.

Place We Love Eyes in the exam room or at the front desk.

Just sell 1 a day & you're at $10,000 a year. Well, plus your patients will love you.

What  ECPs Are Sayin' About We Love Eyes

"Safe and healthy. Easy and effective. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Mary Boname

Skillman, NJ

Dr. Laura Periman

Redmond, WA

"We Love Eyes is the new standard. My patients love it!"

Dr. Justin Bazan

Brooklyn, NY

"We Love Eyes is an essential adjunctive therapy for my ocular surface disease patients."

  • 12 Makeup Remover Oils
  • 12 Foaming Cleansers
  • 12 Cleansing Oil Pros

Not sure where to start?

Every practice is different. Get a 12 pack of each & find what works best.

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