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for everyday eye makeup removal

Eyelid Cleansing Oil + Eyelid Foaming Cleanser


for bleph, MGD & DES symptoms

Eye Makeup Remover Oil + Eyelid Foaming Cleanser

retail for $38 USD

($53 CAD)

retail for $44 USD

($62 CAD)






All products are made with love & tea tree oil, xo.

Much like shampoo & conditioner, We Love Eyes works best when used as a 2 step system. The oils offer 100% preservative free cleansing and the foaming cleanser serves as a final wash off.

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 Dr. Tanya Gill, Optometrist

We Love Eyes founder

"Never let anyone with dirty eyes tell you anything about life, xo."

Dr. Tanya Gill invented We Love Eyes out of frustration when asked the simple question "What do you recommend to remove eye makeup?"

She replaced the bad ingredients with healthy ones, and continues to inspire us with her ideas, branding and her mission to clean every dirty eye in the world.

Meet our queen of clean eyes

"Awesome product! I have dry eyes and I wanted to start wearing contacts. My eye doctor recommended your product. I started using it to clean off my makeup. Thanks to your product, flax seed oil and warm compresses, I am able to comfortably wear contact lenses. My doctor is now carrying your product, so I will be buying it from him from now on. I am telling everyone I know about your awesome product!!" - Vicky 

What patients & customers are saying 

"This stuff is amazing! I knew my eyelash oil glands were clogged up and We Love Eyes Tea Tree Cleanser cleared it right up (the first 2 days my eyes just let all the goop and crusty stuff out). I use it everyday and it feels great!. I love that it smells like tea tree oil. I also love that it does not feel oily afterwards. My husband is even using it in the shower and likes it." - Jessica

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It's a win-win-win-win situation, xo.

We did the math for you

"We Love Eyes is the new standard. My patients love it!"

Dr. Laura Periman

Redmond, WA

"Safe and healthy. Easy and effective. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Justin Bazan

Brooklyn, NY

"We Love Eyes is an essential adjunctive therapy for my ocular surface disease patients."

Dr. Mary Boname

Skillman, NJ

What Optometrists Are Sayin' About We Love Eyes

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